Project „Sustainable agriculture development through capacity building and business promotion tools”

Project „Sustainable agriculture development through capacity building and business promotion tools” is running on the Bulgarian side of the “Business Center – Elhovo” and the Turkish side of the “District Rice Commision” in town Ipsala.

The project started in July 2011 and lasted 12 months.


Overall objective:
Support the sustainable economic development of the regions of Yambol and Ipsala by raising the capacity of farmers and of business supporting organizations.



Specific objective:
- To increase farmers knowledge in both regions about the other country’s agribusinesses, best practices, production, etc and open opportunities to created B2B llinks and form business partnerships;

- To raise the capacity of farmers by enriching their knowledge and skills through assess to new information, agricultural expertise in possibilities for new crop/animal growing/breeding, best practices from their country and the transborder region, specific training, business support tools, etc.

- To raise te capacity of the two partners as business support providers by raising their consultancy abilities, equipping them with new business suport tools and studies, and providing to each other knowledge about the other country’s agribusiness situation and business links.


Target groups:

- Farmers in both regions – Yambol District and Ipsala region will acquire more info, knolwedge, assess to business suport tools;

- Public institutions, agri-business related local and regional bodies and NGOs from both regions will increase their knowledge about the other country’s agiculture;

- The two partners will gain experience in transborder partnership, will raise their capacity in serving farmers and will consider possible future cooperation initiatives


Project activities:

- Preparation of a survey report on the state of agriculture in both regions;

- Development of a joint catalogue of best practices of farmers;

- A recommendation paper on new (untraditional) crops/animals, relevant for the two regions;

- Exchange visits of BG and TR farmers to best practice farms;

- Training of BG and TR farmers;

- Creation of web-based business support tools for consultancy and information of farmers to be applied by the two partners;

- Organization of two promotional events – in Yambol and in Ipsala..


Project results:

- Farmers with increased knowledge, skills and know-how;

- Business supporting institutions/organizations (partners) with increased capacity to better serve the target group;

- Business supporting institutions/organizations (partners) with increased capacity to enter into international partnerships;

- B2B links created and potential for such developed;

- One survey of state of agriculture sector in both regions developed;

- One catalogue with best practices in farming developes;

- One paper with recommendations on the untraditional crops/animal potentially grown/bred in the region developed;

- Two exchange visits organized;

- One web site with business support tools developed;

- Two promotional events organized.