Business Planning

Every business needs a business plan, regardless of the type of activity, methods of funding and prospects. This need is valid also for farmers producing plant and animal production.


The business plan is the most important document that provides guidance on business development. It is a tool for formulating business objectives and show how these objectives will be achieved in the next period of time.

There are two main reasons that justify the need for a business plan:


  1. Its creation requires the contractor to rethink and evaluate the long-term prospects of the company. The business plan includes the need for detailed planning of each step in the business and willingness to solve problems that can arise at any stage of the company’s activity.


The business plan is a tool for:
- Improving the overall performance of the company
- Assist managers in making decisions
- Familiarization of staff with what is expected of them
- Identification of individual responsibilities in the company
- Planning the development of new products and services


The business plan is a working document that the contractor should always use to be consistent in his decisions.


  1. The second objective of the business plan is to convince others to invest in this business, to attract investment from future partners, to obtain a bank loan or financial assistance from specialized funds to support specific projects.


Practical guide that we offer will help you to develop your business plan. If you plan to assign it to a specialist by the proposed instruments you will be able to prepare all the necessary information. Most often the person for whom the business plan is intended (financial institution, bank, financing program, incl. European) have certain formal requirements to it. These requirements are specific to each program, but there are common elements of the contents of each business plan that are mandatory. Four are the most important areas of business plan in which the company must build a very strong position to make it convincing:

- Management team
- Product
- Finances – present and future
- Marketing Plan

Download full guidelines for Business Planning (191 KB)