Business Center – Elhovo

“BusinessCenter- Elhovo” is a non-profit organization established under the “Job Opportunities through Business Support” (JOBS), funded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the UNDP.


The Association supports the development of small, medium business and entrepreneurship in the region of Elhovo.



Experience in development and implementation of projects:


From 2001 until the end of 2009BusinessCenter- Elhovo work on the project “Job Opportunities through Business Support” (JOBS) of MLSP and UNDP. The activities of the association are directed towards economic development of Elhovo region. Business center serves the population of the municipalities of Elhovo, Bolyarovo Topolovgrad, Tunja andYambol. Package of services that are provided association, seminars and professional training in over 30 professions and 46 majors, having trained 1725 people, providing consulting services (business planning, marketing, accounting, credit, etc.). Total number of 8165 companies farmers. Business center manages a financial leasing scheme to “Ministry of Labour and Social Policy” (MLSP) and “The United Nations Development” which are supported 111 companies and farmers. The total value of funded projects is 984 BC 315lv.


In 2002 work on the project “Improvement of urban environment and conditions for sport and recreation in the city park in Elhovo.” Funded by the Foundation for Local Government Reform. Total budget: 26 112 Levs


From 2004 to 2008 working on component “Support for producers of herbs and alternative agricultural products” to the project JOBS, funded byNorwayand UNDP. The project creates good prerequisites for development of organic farming and in particular the cultivation of medicinal plants. The project aims at developing sustainable farms that provide lasting benefits of herbs and organic farming. The work of the business center are attracted scientists and experts in the cultivation of medicinal plants. The total project cost is 245,000 Levs


The Association is a partner in “Teams on Wheels ‘to’ Ministry of Agriculture and Food” (MAF) and “National Agricultural Advisory” (NOCA). The project was intended to improve coordination among representatives of different organizations that serve farmers and other entrepreneurs in rural regions. Specialists from theBusinessCenterteam with “Regional Advisory Service Fund”Yambolby providing advisory services to farmers and rural entrepreneurs. They were mainly concerned with advice and services for business development as well as those in the national and European support mechanisms. Funding received from the BC-Elhovo project was worth 11 468 Levs


From 2005 until the end of 2009 the center is a contractor of the project “Creation of Creation” (Project 100), funded by the Ministry of Economy and Energy through the project JOBS. The project implemented by the BC, the territory of the Elhovo Yambol, included 431 beneficiaries, of whom trained in business planning 146 candidates. Center participated in the assessment and monitoring of project beneficiaries, of which 47 projects were funded. The activities that the association “BusinessCenter- Elhovo” implements the project were to promote the project, training of beneficiaries, providing a set of business services and stewardship for start-ups and two yearly monitoring their activities. The total project cost is 826,322 Levs


In 2006 and 2007 BC, Elhovo, has successfully implemented the project “Capacity building in local communities to provide tourist services and the creation of regional tourism products”


The project aimed at stimulating local initiative for the creation of tourist products, promotion of the region and assistance to start their own business in tourism. Main activities: exploring the local potential, development of tourist routes and included in the package, practical training of the local community to develop tourism programs and start your own business in tourism, promotion of local tourism opportunities in Bulgaria and abroad. Total budget: 35 134.74 lev


In 2006 and 2007 ‘Improving the educational level of young Roma from Municipality Bolyarovo for their realization on the labor market ”


Main purpose: Economic and social integration of young Roma from Municipality Bolyarovo by increasing their capacity and help them succeed in the labor market. Main activities: Active information and motivation campaign (within 10 months) to enhance the interest of the target group to study and work; literacy of 30 young people aged 18-29, and providing individual assistance in brokering a job application, creating accessible database with profiles of unemployed youth and employers’ needs in the region. Total budget: 23 178 Levs


From 2007 to 2009. project “Empowering the Roma community by supporting the business.” Funded by the “British Fund for Global Development” and the UN Development. The main activity was building a center for business development in the Roma neighborhood, the provision of office services, business consulting, training and finance lease. Results of the project trained 75 people, created 23 jobs, helped start four companies submitted 198 business services


The total project cost is 111,400 Levs


From 2011 to 2012. Promoting sustainable development of agriculture in regions of Ipsala and Elhovo.

Total Project Budget: 94 380 EUR